Kindness is a sincere expression. It can be a thought, a word or an act motivated by the desire to help.

And, although it is in our human nature to be kind, many times we forget to act this way due to our busy and demanding lives. Sometimes, this act of kindness may require extra effort on our part. It can cost us time, energy and even money, but despite this cost we try to be nice because deep down inside we know it is the right thing to do.

Seeing smiles of gratitude on other people's faces (and on ourselves) as we fill up with good energy, is something that is sure to leave a positive mark on everyone.


What does kindness do to our bodies?

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  • Kindness improves our mood and makes us happier
  • Acting kindly reduces anxiety and stress
  • It is favorable for the heart
  • Improves our immune system
  • Improves our relationships and connection with other people
  • It delays aging


Our motto: be kind to people, to animals and to natureis reflected all over our products, which are designed with kindness in mind. We are very confident that by carrying this message, not only you will feel empowered, but you’ll make other people smile as well.

How else can we share kindness?

Today, one out of every nine people in the world is malnourished; that is, around 815 million of the population.

We donate part of our proceeds to different organizations dedicated to work on this issue, providing groceries, fresh produce and vegan meals to low-income communities.

(You can learn more about our impact by clicking here)

If you'd like to give back and support other non-profits, please check out our resources page where we share different organizations we have supported in some way or another and from whom we have learned during this journey.


So, are you willing to make a positive impact on the world? Let's start with implementing a very simple act: the act of kindness.