Being kind to all: a connection for the common good

There is something beyond the "me, me, me" thinking, and we can come to understand a little better the connection and empathy that we have as human beings through 4 levels of consciousness; 4 levels that will help us better understand our connection as human beings.
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We are kind + 1% for the Planet

We are very excited to announce that We are kind is now a member of 1% for the Planet.

Through this alliance, at We are kind we are committed to continue contributing to non-profit organizations as we have previously done, and to continue building a brand for people and the planet.
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Cromatiko is now 'We are kind'

'We are kind' defines 100% our brand mission - as human beings, as individuals and at the same time as a community - because we believe in a better world in which kindness and harmony reign with ourselves, with other people, with animals and the planet.
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