Our purpose behind planting trees - We are kind - by Cromatiko

Our purpose of planting trees generates a greater impact than we can think of.

The environmental impact keys generated by planting trees are measured in these 6 pillars of reforestation: air, water, biodiversity, social impact, health and climate.

Air: Trees help clean the air we breathe. Through their leaves and bark, they absorb harmful pollutants and release clean oxygen for us to breathe. In urban environments, trees absorb polluting gases and sweep up particles such as dust and smoke.

Water: Trees play a key role in capturing rainwater and reducing the risk of natural disasters such as floods and landslides. Its root system acts as a filter, removing contaminants and slowing down the absorption of water into the soil.

Biodiversity: A single tree can host hundreds of species of insects, fungi, mosses, mammals and plants. Depending on the type of food and shelter they need, different forest animals require different types of habitat. Without trees, the creatures of the forest would have no place to call home.

Social Impact: From arborists to loggers to researchers, the job opportunities provided by the forestry industry are endless. Sustainable tree farming provides wood to build houses and shelters, and wood for heating and cooking. Trees also provide fruits, nuts, berries, and leaves for consumption by both humans and animals.

Health: Did you know that patients in hospitals with rooms overlooking trees recover faster than those without the same view? It is impossible to ignore that feeling of joy that you feel when walking through a calm and quiet forest. Trees help reduce stress and anxiety and allow us to reconnect with nature.

Climate: Trees help cool the planet by absorbing and storing harmful greenhouse gases in their trunks, branches, and leaves, and by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. In cities, trees can reduce ambient temperatures by up to 8°C.

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Thank you for being part of the change!

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