Why being kind to ourselves matters (and some ideas you can try right now) - We are kind - by Cromatiko

It is very important to remember that we must be kinder to ourselves.

This is a way of giving us the value we deserve and, in addition, of filling ourselves with energy to be able to act kindly towards others.

Being kind to us can also mean resolving tough but meaningful things such as: leaving that relationship that no longer works, giving up that job that makes us uninspired and stressed, being able to get out of certain circumstances that consume all of our energy.

We should treat ourselves kindly because we deserve it, without having to justify it. It can be by buying something we like, giving us a special day or enjoying a nice experience.

What other things can we do for ourselves? Here is a list that may help you:

• Go for a walk (extra points if nature is included)

• Reserve a time on your calendar just for you and do something you like

• Start saying "no" to what you really don't want, and "yes" to those opportunities that excite you and that will surely make you grow

• Treat yourself to a spa day

• Buy yourself that thing you've always wanted

• Visit a new place (museums, restaurants, parks...)

• Travel to that place that you have been postponing for so long

• Attend a yoga or meditation class

• Take the time to prepare a good meal for you

• Put on that outfit you like so much and you're saving for "a special occasion"

• Turn off your cell phone and disconnect for a few hours

• Sit in the park and read your favorite book

Add anything you like to this list and pick at least three to do over the next week or month.

Is there anything more complex that needs some planning? Schedule it so you can do it in the next 6 months or 1 year.

Doing this for ourselves will help us grow and be happier, and once we are on that path, sharing this happiness with other people will be part of our very own nature.

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