Cromatiko is now 'We are kind' - We are kind - by Cromatiko

We decided to change our brand name! Read on to learn more.


Something as simple as buying a t-shirt can have a great impact, positive or negative, not only on the planet but also on the coexistence of the people who use them and the environment that surrounds them.

Raising awareness in this regard is an important step for the evolution and preservation of the earth. Positive things are contagious. No matter how small, good things always add up.

That's why Cromatiko is now We are kind.

'We are kind' defines 100% our brand mission - as human beings, as individuals and at the same time as a community - because we believe in a better world in which kindness and harmony reign with ourselves, with other people, with animals and the planet, always combining sustainable products with impactful messages that remind us that kindness exists and that it could (or maybe it should?) be a daily practice for everyone.

we are kind icons logo

Do you like this name change? Check out one of our newest tees - and already a favorite - in a soft and sustainable fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton.

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