Being kind to all: a connection for the common good - We are kind - by Cromatiko

The most conscious people are those who live from the heart. They don't see anything foreign to them and they understand we're all part of the same thing.

There is something beyond the "me, me, me" thinking, and we can come to understand a little better the connection and empathy that we have as human beings through these 4 levels of consciousness:

1. Egocentrism: This is a standard level for young children as they are the center of attention, but in an adult it reflects a very low level of consciousness. Here we are unable to accurately understand any perspective other than our own.

2. Ethnocentrism: At this level the transformation of perspective begins and we start to have greater empathy with our closest relatives: parents, grandparents, siblings, friends.

This is where most people stay. We join a group, tribe, religion and invest our time and resources to help the people who make up these groups.

The problem with staying at this level is that we see the world only through our own lens without giving ourselves the opportunity to meet new perspectives.

3. Anthropocentrism / Human-Centric: At this level not only we connect with our tribe but also generate a connection with anyone regardless of their beliefs. Here the concept of loving friend and foe equally applies.

4. Cosmocentrism / Central-World: Being at this level implies generating a connection not only at the human level but with our entire environment: animals, nature and all living beings.

It is in this connection that we come together for the good and become part of something bigger than ourselves.

In the end, this concept is not meant to judge on others, but to understand where we are and how we can grow.

Based on an article written by Mindvalley


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