The importance of teaching children a kinder and greener life - We are kind - by Cromatiko

As adults we do our part to leave this world better than we found it; however, it is of great importance to create a culture and leave a message to children so that they can continue with this work.

The best way to teach something to the little ones is by example, so we have a big responsibility to leave a legacy through our own actions.

When children act kindly, they experience a better sense of self-esteem because they can see the positive impact their behavior and actions bring to others.

If you have children, or close kids who you influence somehow, try to get them involved in a fun way around this topic. You can encourage them to do volunteer work where they help others. Ask them about what they think/feel when they do these activities and help them from an early age to express their feelings to get to know them better and encourage their empathy.

Other ideas to maintain a sustainable kindness relationship with kids can be:

• Enjoying more time together in nature

• Sharing ideas to reduce the amount of plastic we use and doing a research together to know the different ways to recycle it or, even better, to reuse it

• Talking about the environmental impact of different means of transportation and, safely, encourage them to walk more and/or use bikes (this will also be an excuse for you to exercise and spend more time with them)

• Create a garden with them and talk about the importance of plants. Also, let them know that with the purchase of our products they help plant trees. This way they can start thinking about how a business can do good, too

• Take it slow. If this is a lot of information for us, imagine how it can be for them. Remember that with small acts we create great things

Kindness is about "seeing with the heart," and understanding that the next generation will basically design our future, as well as the future of the planet, can make us reconsider the things we teach them today.

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