Self-love: an impact to our physical and spiritual growth - We are kind - by Cromatiko
The relationship we have with other people is very important, there's no doubt about that; however, if there is someone we are going to share the rest of our lives with, it will be ourselves.

At every moment - and often without being aware of it - we are talking to ourselves. And although it is almost always quietly, every word we tell us, and every action we take, are the things that define how much we really love our own self.

If we don't value or love ourselves first, it can be quite difficult to learn to value and love others, whether it's a friendship or a relationship.

The truth is that we live in a world full of distractions that force us in some way to cover and put aside many of our feelings, that is why it is necessary for us to be able to take a break and work on getting to know us, because it's right there where we'll find many of the answers that don't let us move forward and prevent us from establishing solid and lasting relationships with others.

Once we get to know our own faults, we realize how similar we are as beings and love becomes an everyday thing.

When we learn to accept ourselves we become much more empathic with others and we put aside the idea of ​​criticizing and judging them, because we already know each other well enough to know that we have been, or could be, walking in their own shoes.

There's a phrase that goes: "Self-love makes us immune to the lack of love from others"; and that could be completed by adding: "Self-love also gives us the freedom of understanding, the freedom of compassion and empathy not only towards ourselves, but also towards all the beings that coexist in this world".

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