'Mas amor, mas union'. We are all the same - We are kind - by Cromatiko

The world seems to become smaller and more accessible as global connection increases; however, our truly human connection has been noticeably “disconnected”.

I recently read an article about kindness where they mentioned that the currency of the future will not be the Euro, the Dollar or the Yuan, but rather empathy, that ability to relate to each other, to understand what other people's lives are like and to share our story without being judged.

Could this be a utopia, or a reality? It sounds pretty crazy and I personally don't have an answer, but I do agree that through empathy it is possible for us to have true communication with others and at the same time we can solve our problems together. It's just a matter of thinking a little beyond our own interests.

This t-shirt was the first design we launched at We are kind and it has a simple but very clear message; because in the end, despite being unique and with different personalities, we are all the same.

We are kind - Mas amor mas union
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