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How close are you to achieving your dreams?

A dreamer is that person who does not see the world as it is but as it could be. Dreamers have no limits in their imagination and it is right there that they create a perfect future motivated by the simple fact of making their dreams come true.

I personally consider myself a dreamer. I dream of a kinder, greener, more empathic world (that's where this whole project was born), but I know that it's not enough to stay stuck dreaming of the world I want. There is a key factor for all this to happen and it is the simple act of taking action.

If you have a 'dreamer personality' like me, you will know that this is easier said than done. Many times we spend entire days thinking about that ideal result but we don't take the first step, or we are simply so involved in our dreaming mind that we don't realize it.

Doing some research on this topic I found this list of attitudes that will help us achieve our dreams:

Motivation: It is necessary to find a way to motivate ourselves even in the most adverse situations. What gives you energy? What moves you to do things?
• Passion: doing with love and dedication what we are passionate about, in a way that strengthens the commitment to our dreams
• Confidence: even when things don't seem to go quite right, it is key to maintain confidence in ourselves
• Resilience: understand that there are things we cannot control and we must not allow them to dominate us. Getting up from falls and learning from them is essential
• Balance: find that balance between our dream and our personal life

It is important to understand that our attitude defines our way of acting in situations that happen in life, and even when we realize that we fail in some of them, we must know that fortunately we all have the ability to learn and build on them.

This quote sums up the whole story:

"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

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