Tips to reduce the use of plastic bags - We are kind - by Cromatiko

Would you like to reduce the use of plastic bags?

A conventional plastic bag takes hundreds of years to degrade. Imagine just for a moment how long it takes to break down something that you probably only use for a few minutes.

When we get rid of plastic bags, they can end up in a landfill, be incinerated or recycled; even so, being such a light material, it is very likely that they end up in the sea through sewage, wind and rain, or simply because they were not disposed of correctly. Once in the sea, not only is their degradation time delayed, but they also affect marine animals.

What can we do to reduce its use?

• Reuse the ones we already have at home as much as we can
• If for some reason we have to throw some in the trash, do some research beforehand about the places where they can be recycled (depends on the type of plastic and where you live)
• Swap to eco-friendly options such as cloth or jute bags, which we can use for a long time not only for grocery shopping but to carry our books, food for short trips, etc.
• Let's say "no bag, thank you" when we make a purchase in a store or  the supermarket. Better yet, we can always take some reusable bags with us when going out

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