The benefits of acting kindly - We are kind - by Cromatiko

Are you willing to make a positive impact in the world? Let's start by implementing a very simple act: the act of kindness.

Kindness is a sincere expression. It can be a thought, a word or an act motivated by the desire to help. And although it is in our human nature to be kind, many times we forget to act this way due to the demands and busyness that we have in our day to day.

Sometimes this act may require extra effort on our part. It can cost us time, energy and even money, but despite this cost we try to be kind because deep inside we know it is the right thing to do.

Seeing smiles of gratitude on the faces of other people (and ourselves) while we are filled with good energy is something that will undoubtedly leave a positive mark on everyone.

It's said that kindness is like a special pill that doesn't have to be prescribed by a doctor, you don't even have to take it yourself, you just have to give it to others for it to take effect. It's also free, even so the profits are huge and are distributed between the person who gives and the one who receives.

Some benefits we get from acting kindly are:

• Improves our mood and makes us happier
• Reduces anxiety and stress
• It's good for the heart
• Improves our immune system
• Improves our relationships and connection with other people
• It delays aging

Now I dare to ask you, are you regularly acting out of kindness? What was, or what will be, your kind act today? You can try it with a relative, a friend, with your pet, with nature or, mainly, with yourself.

Let's make kindness the new pandemic.

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