Tips to start practicing meditation - We are kind - by Cromatiko

It's not so difficult to sit quietly to meditate while we silence our mind and feel a state of relaxation; however, the real challenge is to maintain that stillness, peace and harmony while living in the real world. It is right there when we will realize the true internal work that we have done - or that we still have to do.

So, how can we start?

• Meditating for just about 2 minutes a day and gradually increasing the time is a good way to start. Do not force it, this way we don't allow it to become a boring activity

• It would be ideal to start with guided meditations. This will make the process more bearable at first

• Not worrying so much about the how (how should I sit, what cushion should I use, etc) and just do it in a way that is comfortable for us

• Create the habit to do it every day. Just as we cannot learn a new language by studying it for a couple of days, neither can we expect to improve our meditation technique if we don't do it regularly

• Find a community of people who are implementing meditation in their daily lives and actively participate by asking questions while being supportive of others

• Put it into practice when going out to your day. Be attentive to things or people that get you out of your peace and ask yourself why the situation bothers you? How can you accept it instead of reacting? Let's remember that there are situations, and people, that we simply cannot change

Meditation is a very personal job, but at the same time it creates a positive effect on all those around us.

Do you have already the habit of meditation?

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